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SarcastroTheGreat's Journal

18th January, 2006. 10:41 pm. call me columbus

I've rediscovered green beans. Man those things are great, add in a little butter and your good to go. I cant stay away from my six string for long. A tuned guitar playing simple chords is still one of my favorite sounds. The pen is mightier then the sword in the fact that if you can get it into your enemies eye before he gets his blade out of his scabbard. However writting is as fun as it always has been, and although it may not be good, there is always a point. not living paycheck to paycheck is a nice feeling.

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25th November, 2005. 8:31 pm. Black Friday

So i decided today I would actually attempt going shopping on black friday. ANd although i found little of what i was actually looking for, I did witness the most astonishing display of laziness ever. A man had a suv and it apparently had this great feature of an automatically shutting hatch. Well this guy put his goods in the back of the suv and then hit the button to start shutting the door. Which did begin to shut but at a rate of 1 inch per 12 hours so the guy starts watching it. then he begins to walk away. Then he looks back, still not halfway closed yet. Starts walking again. Then stops to check the progress. Still not closed so he walks back to it and watches it close the last part. Heres an idea fo r you next time. Shut it with your hand and be done with it.

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9th November, 2005. 9:19 pm. Life is cold........

I just saw on the front page of the concord monitor, one of my best friends mom passed away yesterday. It was quite the gripping picture of him and his brother sleeping beside there mothers death bed. I kind of want to go to the funeral as bev was always very kind to me. I mean i spent half my high school life over at their house. The problem is i CANNOT handle death. I really cant handle it, and she wasn't even my mother. I'ld like to go just to see ben again and say i'm sorry but man i just dont know....

Current mood: sad.

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6th November, 2005. 1:12 am. lessons learned

i'm not sure weather this was supposed to be a poem or a song but either way it's written about a girl i know and it just kind of flowed out of me. I kind of like it, let me know what you think, i think sometimes my writting can be to metaphoric.....

Emotions are fragile and thin
Like glass that’s been shattered
Feelings are easy when you
trade them for physical consumption
You need not feel anything more
Then an outward pain when it’s gone
So you give into the easy
Burry the pain that eats through you
The acid of the person you could be
But why take the hardest path
When the other is so simple.

Fault does not rest solely on her
Blame has a way of getting around
And so does she when she wants to feel
It’s the truth of life that’s made her harden
To much to soon, circuit overload
She shuts of and lays her emotions to rest
Buried deeper then the lies
She lies down again tonight

The more you clamp
(you must let go)
The more they’ll squeeze
(you cant hold on)
Life can strip you of innocence
(you must let go)
Faster then your dreams
(you cant let me go)
Splinters of dreams
Fractures of reality
(and fall)

She’s a satellite on empty orbit
A revolving door of life
So many ups and downs
Like the empty bottle she clenches
A dependency of convenience
Another way to bury all those things
But problems are undead
They always come back to life
The mirror shatters
The glass splinters down

When the dust settles
Will she be strong enough
Strong enough to take the plunge
A leap of faith with no anchor
A chance to make the change
Every seed must bust it’s shell
Every shard must be returned
A mosaic of a beautiful life.

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26th October, 2005. 1:54 am. History lesson

well since all this flood and rains has the sceptics in a good mood, i found it amusing that i cant go to a hockey game without some guy demanding i take one of his end is near pamphlets. Well i hate to break it to all you religious zealots but if ye did a bit of "RESEARCH" you might discover that god made a little promise to noah never to flood the earth again. And i believe (and mind you it's been a long time since sunday school). But it's all supposed to end by fire. Heres an idea pick up that good book your hiding behind and spend a few minutes looking into the fear your trying to spread....

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1st October, 2005. 10:16 pm. the cleansing

Do you know what the best part of moving is? Ridding yourself of 27 years of junk. Things that are busted, old gifts, cd's whose usefulness is as a mere coaster, momentos that mean nothing, letters of intent, declarations of love (and war), faded tickets, faded hopes, youthful posessions,and things that have long sinced moved on.

Current mood: accomplished.

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21st September, 2005. 10:18 pm. being sagelike

seems more and more people are coming to me with their problems. This isn't a n issue for me but pretty soon i'm gonna start charging by the hour, I mean c'mon my time is very important. since if i'm not working I'm working on the new apartment. Also Ive perdicted that you will all send me cash. or barring that a blank check made out to cash.

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3rd September, 2005. 10:28 pm. back

after my week long purgatory in the land of dial up i'm back so i thought i'd post.

First off Mayday your like a bro to me seriously your words ring true tonight and no one knows it better then I... but i assure you i have a plan and will do everthing i can to better myself in the upcoming year in the hopes that next year i'll be living in boston or some other glorius place.

Secondly George Bush and his office of fools have taken their leadership to an all time low. How could they hang our own citizens out to dry so bad. They new it was a big storm, they knew it was devestating, yet they did nothing to set it up so that people would be taken care of. If this had been a terrorist bombing they would have been over it...if this happend somewhere overseas the would have had care packages immediately. I MEAN FOR GODS SAKE NEW ORLEANS LOOKS LIKE A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY.....fucking pathetic

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22nd August, 2005. 6:27 am. Insomnia......

Is a real bitch. I cant believe I'm not sleeping right now. Well I guess i can believe it since I just got back from a nice looooooooooooong walk. I really wish I didn't suffer from this. It was kind of nice to be out at 5:30 this morning. I just walked around, listened to some music, and tried to clear my head of everything thats been creeping in. Mostly financial issues, boredom, and loneliness. I've been sentanced to my house by my own stupidity. How to people choose to be recluses? I'd go out of my mind, and right now thats just a short stroll. All this stems from a momentary lapse in judgement. And like light through a crystal I've broken all that I had been planning for. But there is a bright side, in order for light to pass through there must be a light to begin with. I have no idea if i'm even making sense at this point but I'm sure if i'm not, Christina will be there like a vulture pick this thing over. Point is I hope I'm never that careless again. I'm to tired to sleep and to many thoughts bouncing around to try. I just dont know anymore maybe i need to have some body hit me over the head with a mallet. Any takers? I'm looking at you.

Current mood: tired.

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21st August, 2005. 10:44 pm. red blooded american

Today i ate steak, drank beer, and watched football....dont i feel like a man. Does anyone have a gun?

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